Better pricing strategies



$11 billion wasted in discounts


Australia has the highest proportion of grocery products promoted with A$51 billion spent annually. Almost half goes to waste with little to no impact on sales! We help optimise promotions with cost-effective solutions from our independent solution providers

The Better Value Proposition

Better Value Proposition is a framework to strengthen value offering and optimise pricing

Take a holistic approach at strengthening your value proposition and improve your customer experience before revisiting your pricing strategy. This proprietary framework will help you ask all the right questions from your customers' perspective to win in the marketplace

Customer Willingness To Pay

Customer willingness to pay by Simon-Kucher CEO Dr Georg Tacke

Do you know what your customers value the most and how much they are willing to pay? Hear Dr. Georg Tacke at Simon-Kucher & Partners explain the merits of customer value research. We guide you in selecting the most appropriate pricing research method so you don't make any costly mistake

9 factors affecting WTP

Willingness to pay

A good read from our friends at BlackCurve on the 9 factors that can affect customers' Willingness To Pay

Monetizing innovation

Monetizing innovation book

One of the best books out there to learn about how the likes of Porsche, Linkedin, Dropbox succeed with strategic pricing

BCG pricing strategy course

Pricing strategy course by BCG

A short course on pricing strategy from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and University of Virginia (offered via Coursera)