Customer value research

We will bring new insights to assist you in making better pricing decisions for your existing or new product/service

Value-adding activities:

  • Research objective setting
  • Research method recommendation
  • Research agency recommendation
  • Research coordination
  • Translating data into actionable insights
  • Embedding new insights into commercial, marketing, sales and go to market strategies

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Product/category development

We will help your team avoid feature overload in your new product or service that risks pushing price too high

Value-adding activities:

  • NPD goal setting and alignment
  • Better Value Proposition assessment
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Customer research
  • Data analysis
  • Pricing research
  • Price optimisation
  • Commercial strategy
  • Go to market strategy

Pricing strategy evolution

We will formulate and entrench a robust pricing strategy to accelerate growth in your chosen growth metric (revenue, volume, margin, profit or market share)

Value-adding activities: 

  • Business context assessment
  • Internal data analysis
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Price elasticity modelling
  • Waterfall chart modelling
  • Opportunity sizing and prioritisation
  • Business goal setting
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Customer value research
  • Pricing research
  • 5-pillar pricing strategy
  • Pricing optimisation tool
  • Pricing management tool
  • Performance monitoring dashboard
  • Team capability development