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Pricing research to understand what customers are willing to pay


How do you know if you've priced yourself too high or too low? Many businesses still work out pricing by applying a markup to their cost of goods and comparing against competitors. Realise your full pricing power by understanding how customers value your offering and how much they are willing to pay

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You too can improve your pricing decisions. We continuously search for best-in-class tools and practices to bring you the most appropriate solutions for your business. We're driven by your success and keen to help you implement an improvement plan that will deliver results

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Improve your promotion effectiveness and trade spend management


Price and Promotion are not the only levers in your marketing arsenal. But when promotion adds value, we analyse your regular and promoted price points, gather competitor insights and apply shopper-based marketing principles to optimise the depth, frequency and timing of your promotional campaigns. We can also help reign in on ballooning promotional spend with proven SaaS solutions

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We focus on your performance. The more info you provide, the  more accurate is our diagnostic